Our first Eco-Stock® industrial facility

Tegulys, a tile and brick manufacturer in Haute Corrèze, needs heat to power its dryer and cooking. More than 50% of the heat consumed in the oven is lost (fatal heat).

After a pre-diagnosis and during a technical-economic study, our thermal engineering study office found that the production site could increase its productivity while reducing its energy bill. The Eco-Stock®can be used to capture and store the deadly heat from the baking oven so that it can be used at the desired time in the dryer and pre-cooking chamber.

Éléments VALEURS
Storage capacity
2 MWh
750 kW
Net annual result
20 k€/an
5 ans
CO2 Reduction
100 t/an

Aware of the economic and environmental profitability of such a project, the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and the ADEME have subsidized part of the infrastructure. Our network of partners then enabled Tegulys to finance the rest of the infrastructure through leasing.

"We are the first industrial site to host the Eco-stock® solution developed by Eco Tech Ceram. The confidence and support of the Region have been decisive to validate the validity of this solution and to adapt it to the needs of Ceramics and Development. In the end we are doubly satisfied : Eco-Stock® solution improves the energy efficiency of cooking but also increasing our production capacity."
Nicolas Ducrot
Director of Céramiques et Développement

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