Development of thermal storage units
eco-designed for energy transition and waste heat recovery

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Budget : 3M€

Duration : 18 months

Development of waste heat storage materials

Panel de Céramiques

Thanks to the ceramic workshop commissioned during the programme, 100% ceramic formulations from waste were developed. The thermal storage properties of the materials obtained have been validated thanks to the TRL 6 storage prototype available at ETC. An industrial pre-production was also carried out to validate technology transfer with industrial production tools.

Demonstration of an innovative heat storage solution : the Eco-Stock®

Notre solution Eco-Stock®
Critère Résultat

Operating hours


T° max (°C)


Power max








The CMI’s ECOSTOCK 1000 program enabled the TRL 7 demonstration of the Eco-Stock® solution. Thanks to more than 500 hours of fault-free operation, the digital models previously used for business cases have been validated with less than 5% error. The performance of the Eco-Stock® was also measured. Capable of storing 2 Mwh at 600°C at a maximum power of 1 MW with an efficiency greater than 95%, these excellent performances allow the Eco-Stock® to be cost-effective for the recovery of waste heat from industrial ceramic production sites, forging and smelting, among others.

Démonstration de l’éco-efficacité de la solution Eco-Stock®

The Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of the Eco-Stock® shows that its use as a natural gas replacement generates 180 times less CO2: 1.4 kq/Co2eq/Mwh versus 253 for natural gas. The business unit of this LCA is the provision of 1 Mwth at 2 Gwh/year for 20 years. The greatest impact on resources would be advantageously reduced by the use of waste storage materials in particular.

To conclude

The Eco-Stock® solution is a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution for heat storage. Currently being developed for the recovery of industrial waste heat, this thermal storage unit also has a larger role to play in the energy transition for the PTH and the PTP in particular.


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