The 50 first solutions of Solar Impulse

Bertrand Picard’s Solar Impulse Foundation promotes cost-effective solutions that help protect the environment. 1000 solutions are selected and labelled Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions.

The Efficient Solutions label aims to bridge the gap between ecology and the economy by combining environmental protection and financial sustainability, by putting forward solutions that are not expensive but instead opportunities for green growth.

The foundation has just unveiled the first 50 labelled solutions: Eco-Tech Ceram is among the first companies to be labelled in the category «Industry, infrastructure and innovation» with its Eco-Stock.

These solutions prove to septics that cost-effective and sustainable solutions exist. In response to the IPCC report (The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) which states that we must achieve a decarbonized economy in 2030, Bertrand Picard Reacts with his optimism:

“If you read this report, you might think it’s an impossible mission, that we’re being forced into global warming, so let’s not do anything…

Well, I would say exactly the opposite! In fact, it’s great to have a clear goal on which we can all agree. We have exactly 12 years to act. Do you think this is an unexpected wish? Absolutely not, the solutions are there.”

Indeed, Eco-Tech Ceram and the thousands of other existing solutions around the world are proof of this. It is up to all of us to act in the right direction.

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